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Group Policies

We don't want to be bogged down in red tape but we do need to outline how WE do things here at 4th Ashby. By publishing them on our website it's clear for all to see how we do things. Almost always any policies and procedures we approve and implement are to enable us to work to the Scout Association's Policy, Organisation and Rules.

Should any of these policies raise an issue, please contact the Chair of the  Executive committee or the Group Scout Leader.

Admissions & Membership

Youth Membership of 4th Ashby Scout Group is at the discretion of the Group Scout Leader (as outlined in The Scout Association's Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) 3.4a)

At 4th Ashby we will:

  • admit young people who's ages match those prescribed in POR subject to the limits on size.  The Scout Association has not defined a maximum size for the Scout Troop but due to the size of our meeting hall we cannot accept more than 36 young people.
  • record interest for places over and above these numbers and, whilst maintaining contact with the parents of these children, endeavour to allocate places based on
  1. the age of the child
  2. the willingness of parents to offer regular support to the section
  3. the length of time they have been on the list
  • Requests for places must be made via our online form or a paper equivalent from a section leader.
  • Transfers from other groups will be given serious consideration, including temporarily increasing the maximum size of the section.
  • Membership is subject to payment of the monthly membership fee, preferably by Standing Order.
  1. Payment shall commence at the start of the month following the investiture of the member
  2. There is no charge to try (i.e. sessions prior to investiture).
  3. Section leaders shall aim to complete all investitures within 4 weeks of joining.
  4. Cases of financial hardship shall be made to the Group Scout Leader who will discuss some partial reduction for a set period of  time before a review of circumstances is made.
  • Membership is fully open to all young people aged between 5 3/4 and 18.  We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.
  • Membership is subject to completion of a full membership form (available from a section leader or online).  Trial membership requires a smaller form to be completed.
  • Membership requires a uniform.
  • This policy will be reviewed in December 2011.

Expenses Policy

Effective date September 2012

Aim of policy

To ensure all expenses are claimed in line with group policy.
This should ensure that all volunteers are fairly reimbursed, and that there is clarity and independent review of all expenses claimed for the protection of those claiming the expenses.  It also complies with a risk assessment undertaken by the executive committee into the transparency of the group accounts.
The policy covers three areas of expenditure:

  • Expenses incurred by individuals being reimbursed
  • Expenses covered by cash withdrawals
  • Payments by cheque for goods or services on behalf of the group

In this document all references to group are to include all of the sections – being beaver, cubs, scouts, and vice versa.

Expenses to be reimbursed

Valid expenses related to activities, or the general running of the group or section, incurred by volunteers, will be reimbursed on production of a completed expense claim together with evidence of the expense being incurred.

Where the expenses are greater than £30 or are purchases of equipment which will have more than one use, please check with the Group  Scout Leader (GSL) before purchasing as the group may already own the resources within another section.

When purchasing uniform either as a leader or a bulk purchase for members, please check with GSL re current stocks and what a standard uniform pack consists of before making your purchase.


During the main school holiday periods please allow longer for your claim to be processed or give prior notice of the claim as it may not be possible for the authorising people to access the online banking whilst on holiday.  For smaller amounts it may be better to wait until outside of these periods.

Section cheque books

If you are a signatory to a section cheque book, any cheque payable to yourself must be signed by the GSL or treasurer with the any of the trustees (chair, secretary, treasurer, GSL) as second signatory.  This is to protect the whole group from any unwarranted accusations of fraud.

Expense claim form

The form attached is to be used as the form for claiming all expenses.  This standardises the procedure across the group.

The claim form includes details of the claimant name, event claimed for if applicable, what the costs incurred were and attach a receipt or receipts with the relevant items highlighted.

A receipt must be attached – either the original or a copy where the original is required -  for guarantee purposes for example.

If a receipt is not automatically given by the shop/vendor, please ask for one.

Even if you are making a claim via email please ensure a completed claim form is attached.  The treasurer may delay reimbursement if procedures are not followed correctly whilst they obtain the missing information.

Necessary procedure if claiming by cheque.

Claim form and receipts to be presented to signatory as evidence for signing cheque.

Each cheque needs to be signed by 2 signatories NOT including the person claiming the expenses.

Any person in a close personal or family relationship must not sign the cheque of another party to that relationship.  This is not being awkward; it is for the protection of those individuals against claims of misappropriation.

Method of payment of expenses

Expenses will be reimbursed using electronic banking as the default method of payment.  This is quicker to process and clear than cheques, and generally payment will be available to draw from the claimants bank account within 24-48 hours/next working day of the claim being authorised, subject to the claimants’ personal banks policy for such payments.

This requires the claimant to produce – for the first claim only – details of the bank account number and sort code for the payment to be made into.

Changes to your bank information should be notified to the treasurer to allow updates.

If you do not tell us you have changed banks/ want it paid into a different account we cannot be held responsible for payments going to incorrect accounts.

Bank details are then held securely on the banking system for any future payments.  Online banking can only be accessed by the executive committee trustee members – GSL, treasurer, secretary and chair.  Only the treasurer and GSL have the ability to set up or amend payment information.  The system functions the same way as personal online banking.  The online users have no access to any other banking information relating to you, nor can they access your accounts.

If you do not wish to be reimbursed using the online payment facility, it may take upto 2 weeks for reimbursement to occur whilst the relevant authorisation and signatories are obtained, and the cheque transported to you.

On a general point – remember we are a registered charity and our accounts are open to scrutiny by the Charities Commission.  The trustees are legally responsible for making sure that the charities funds are maximised and spent to the best advantage of the group as a whole.  Please consider your spend before you make it.

Approved signatories for cheques

A list of signatories currently lodged with CAF bank is attached at appendix B.  Any 2 persons from the approved list for each section are to sign the cheque, subject to the restriction previously mentioned.  No-one is to sign the cheque for a claimant where they are in a close personal or family relationship with that person.

Expenses settled by withdrawal of cash

In some instances a cash advance may be made to an individual, in order to purchase goods or services on behalf of the group.  In this situation, it is required that receipts be attached to an expense claim as evidence of the monies spent and all unused cash or change is returned promptly to the section leader or group treasurer.

Revision May 2012 - All camp monies to be recorded on the attached form.

Appendix B – Current Signatories

Group Accounts

Jon Bloor                  GSL

Sarahjane Statham            treasurer

Sharon Kaye                        chair

Karen Lund              secretary


All of the above are also trustees of the charity


Scout Account

Jon Bloor                  GSL

Sarahjane Statham            treasurer

Bryan Nevin             scout leader

Mark Timson                       assistant scout leader

Paul Campion                      assistant scout leader

Cub Account

Jon Bloor                  GSL

Sarahjane Statham            treasurer

Andrew Leake                     Cub leader

John Leake               assistant cub leader