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Information for Supporters

How we Run the Christmas Post

Although we've only just started the new term, it's time once again to start organising this year's Scouts Christmas Post. This is our major fund-raising event for the year. For those new to the post this is when we collect Christmas cards from the public and deliver them to addresses in Ashby, Packington, Smisby and Shellbrook. We charge 20p per card. All profits raised go into the group fund and are put towards the building rent for the coming year.

We produce an advertising booklet which is delivered at the end of November out to approximately 6,000 local houses, in which we sell adverts to local companies, to cover the cost of production and raise funds for the group. We will then have a stand outside the Co-Op and on Market Street to collect
Christmas Cards from the public during the 3 weekends in December leading up to Christmas, which are then delivered usually on the Sunday of each weekend.

If each of our 80+ families volunteer for 2-4 hours we will have enough volunteers to complete all the tasks listed. Each task will take approx. 1 hour (unless otherwise stated) so please volunteer for as many hours as you can manage. I know we all get very busy with various activities especially on the run up to Christmas but please rest assured that no family will be asked to do more than a few hours (unless of course they want to!).

We would therefore like you to consider the tasks shown below, and which you can help out with.

Advertising booklet (September and October) co-ordinators:

  • Co-ordinating the production of the booklet.

  • Ringing/emailing local companies to see if they would like to advertise.

  • Being responsible for emailing/contacting advertisers for their advert copy.

  • Liaising with the print company in regards to production of the adverts.

  • Emailing advertisers their final proof of adverts.

  • Helping bag up the advertising booklet ready for families to deliver.

Volunteer co-ordinators (few hours each month):

Being responsible for the database of members and families who volunteer (which includes ex members families too), to ensure all the roles for the collection stands and delivering the post are fulfilled and covered by the group. This involves collating the replies of which roles volunteers are prepared to help with, confirming tasks allocated back to volunteers, and contacting volunteers to fill any gaps in the rota/sickness etc.

Service co-ordinator (December):

  • Delivering posters to local shops to put in their windows.
  • Delivering collection boxes, floats etc to the 6-8 collection shops.
  • Topping up stamps and collecting takings and cards once mid week during the 2 interim weeks in December.

Collection day helpers (Saturdays):

  • Volunteering for one and a half hour shifts (stand to run from 9am-3pm) on either of the stands with your beaver, cub or scout. This task involves encouraging members of the public to use our service, buying stamps there and then to take home with them and post their cards at a time convenient to them, or in taking money and putting the stamps on customers cards. This role is most effective if you are comfortable talking to people as most are very happy to support the scouting movement, if you talk to them, and will often just give a donation if they do not want to use the service.
  • Helping at the sorting station on the three Saturdays, which may include taking post to families homes at the end of the afternoon.

Delivering the post (Sundays preferably):

Being a volunteer family for delivering a postal area of post. This is a great chance to have a family walk on a Sunday (or Monday) and do something worthwhile at the same time.

We encourage you to volunteer for as many hours/jobs/shifts as you are able to, with sometimes one parent being able to do one week, and one parent another week etc. You will not necessarily be selected for all the jobs you volunteer for, but it is a lot easier for the organisers if you can put down
for the maximum number of jobs you would like to do, at the beginning. Full support and information will be provided for all tasks, and if you would like more information about any of the roles or tasks, please feel free to get in touch with either myself or Sharon Kaye or Sarah Jane Statham.

We also ask if you could let us know if there are any Saturdays and Sundays in December that you definitely would not be available to help too. This letter will also be handed out at meetings so please let us know what you can help with, in person, by ringing or email by the 22nd of September
at the latest. We appreciate your assistance with this, our biggest fundraising task of the year, that will help towards all the children's activities in 2012. Last year, our best so far, raised around £3,500 for the Group.

If you know anyone who may be interested in advertising in the booklet, whose company may want to get involved or offer us sponsorship, or families such as grandparents who might want to help with delivery etc, please let us know.

Thanking you in anticipation of your much-needed support.