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Waiting Lists And Places For Beavers, Cubs and Scouts


As at July 2014 our membership stands at 56 Beavers, 64 Cubs and 32 Scouts.

We will not generally be taking any new started until September to allow children to move up.

Beaver Scouts

6 and 7 year old boys and girls:  32 "active" enquiries for places which we cannot fulfil.  We're working to recruit new leaders to open a further section - if you can help please get in touch.

Cub Scouts

There are a few people who have enquired that will be offered a place in Cubs, a handful of places will exist for any future enquiries.


A second Scout Troop will be opening on a Tuesday and, although initially limited to 20 places, will allow us to accomodate any requests for membership in the short term.

Younger Members

We have details of 39 children waiting to join Beavers when they reach their sixth birthday.  Having details of potential members does help us with planning and we try to reward an early signup with places.

Older Children/Explorer Scouts

Children over 14 join Explorer Scouts.  There is a shortage of places in our area so we strongly recommend that you register at to ensure a place.

Wanting to Join?

One of our volunteers will contact other families to check their information and what place(s) they require.

We'll be emailing those waiting for places occasionally to keep them up-to-date with the group.

Please can you check with friends and acquaintances to see that their children are on our list.  (If anyone else wants to join, please direct them to the website, if makes life much easier for us to manage).  The other group in Ashby, Ashby (Hastings), also has a large waiting list and generally doesn't have spaces for Cubs and Scouts since their intake of Beavers occupies available places. Other groups, on the district website, may have places.

We only send information about section meetings and perhaps one other email per week so you won't get flooded with information - and we'd never sell or share your details outside the group.

Please note the group is run entirely by volunteers.