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Online Scout Manager

We use Online Scout Manager to make administration of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts much easier.

This page will be updated to outline our specific usage and document setup. Last Revised 14/01/2014


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  • Leaders Information
    • ​Personal Details Fields
    • Online Payments
    • Census Information
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Parents Information


Leaders Information

Personal Details Fields

As of May 2015, the fields have been standardised amongst section (guide uses the new additional info layout).

  • First Name is for the name used.  We don't need the child's full name
  • Surname (of the child)
  • Date of birth, dated joined scouting and date joined section are obviouos.  Please include all previous scouting.

When you have added the new member, edit the following:

  • picture, if you would like to include these.  This might be a nice idea.
  • patrol, six or lodge, rank and gender.
  • member address details need to be completed. We will use this address for statistics and correspondance so please, use house name and street in Address 1, Village or area in Address 2, Postal town will always be in address 3.  County if used in Address 4 and lastly postcode must always be completed.Member email and phone only be used in the case of older scouts and young leaders where we have an email and personal phone number.
  • primary contact 1 will be the main parent we contact. Please ensure at least one email address is entered (and tick box clicked for sending emails).  
  • primary contact 2 name, email and phone required as normal.  The address will only be completed where the child has parents at two addresses.
  • emergency contact, if different, will be completed as required.
  • If held, doctors details will be completed.
  • member details will only be used in the case of older scouts and young leaders where we have an email and personal phone number.
  • In the customizable fields please complete - 1) any dietary information 2) any medical information and 3) the child's school if we have it.