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As at 31st Jan 2014 the keyholders for our container are as follows:-

  1. Jonathan Bloor, Group Scout Leader
  2. Katie Campion. Beaver Scout Leader (Woodland)
  3. Angela Bath, Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (Riverbank)
  4. Guy Baker, Cub Scout Leader (Waingunga)
  5. Andrew Leake Cub Scout Leader (Seeonnee)
  6. Bryan Nevin, Scout Leader
  7. Mark Timson, Assistant Scout Leader
  8. Paul Campion, Assistant Scout Leader
  9. Andy Haigh, Assistant Scout Leader
  10. Richard Singleton, Assistant Scout Leader
  11. Sharon Kaye, Group Chairman
  12. Spare (held by GSL)

Door keys for the Scout HQ are held;

a) Centrally

b) by Jonathan Bloor, Group Scout Leader

c) by Andrew Leake, Cub Scout Leader


The central keys have the following on them:

  • Scout HQ door key
  • Key to "The Shack"
  • Key to our cabinet within "The Shack"

The GSL has spares of each of these.