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Look the Part

Get your 4th Ashby Polo Shirt or Hoodie here.

For parents, we've opted for a quality garment, embroidered locally, which can be worn through Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  Please contact if you are unsure of sizing as each item is made specially by Embroidery4u.

Polo Shirts in Stock for Immediate Wear

  • Size 9-11 X 5
  • Size 12-13 X 2
  • 14-15 X 1
  • Adult XL X 2
  • Other sizes will be ordered end of June and September, please ask your section leader for details.

Price List

Size Polo Shirt Price Hoodie Price
Age 5-6 £9.00 £15.00
Age 7-8 £9.00 £15.00
Age 9-11 £9.00 £15.00
Age 12-13 £9.00 £15.00
Age 14-15 £11.00 £17.50
Adult S £14.00 £22.00
Adult M £14.00 £22.00
Adult L £14.00 £22.00
Adult XL £14.00 £22.00
Adult XXL £14.00 £22.00


Please complete the attached form and hand to your section leader

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