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Jersey 2015

Bringing adventure to life

Activities could include

  • Abseiling to Zorbing
  • Flying planes
  • Coasteering
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Mega Dune Evader
  • Rock climbing
  • Jersey War Tunnels
  • Hovercrafting
  • Surfing
  • Lots more…

Why Jersey… Some Facts

The island is usually the hottest place in the British Isles during the summer months, with the temperature averaging a few degrees higher. It is 100 miles south of Britain and is 45 square miles in size. (9 X 5 miles).

Getting About

We take a short flight to Jersey’s airport and then collect minibuses for the week. Our kit will travel by van and ferry.

Our Base for the week

We’ll be stopping at the Jersey Scout Centre, which is 2 minutes from a beautiful beach. Find out more here.

When are we going?

1st – 8th August 2015.

See Online Scout Manager to sign up - or talk to a Scout Leader who will be handing out letters.  As this is a really special opportunity, we are also telling Cubs who will be old enough to take part.

What about the cost?

We did a similar trip in 2007 a because of fund raising undertaken, some Scouts went without their parents paying a penny! We’re aiming to do the same thing but possibly spending a little more as prices will have risen in 5 years. Bear in mind we spent £70 a day on ice cream last time! We need a few parents to organise some fund raising so we can make this happen for as many Scouts as possible.