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Good Afternoon all

As I hinted in my last email, we will be linking up with cubs from 6 pm. This will give the braves a chance to see what the cubs do and for those that are due to move up their first insight into cub life! I shall need ALL children to be on their best behavior on the night and any that cause need for concern around the stoves I will sit out of the session and they will not be able to get their cooking badge.

At the start of braves we shall be talking about or collection's and or hobbies and what we have done during the week. We shall be investing our newest beaver and then we shall have a drink. When the cubs come in from 6pm we shall join in on their session and starting meeting with them. We shall then go on to do cooking. 

I am still after a few parents to help keep am eye on everyone, as we are linking up with cubs it will make our numbers rather large! If your not able to come for the whole session please come in from 6pm when cubs starts. 

If you can please message me if your able to stay before Tuesday that would be a great help.

Polar bear Harriet

25 Feb 2017

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Beavers - Woodland (Tuesday)