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9th May 2017 - Finding Our Way

Good afternoon all

Hope that you all enjoyed last weeks meeting, and are all ready to make a start on our main meeting. 

This week we shall be starting our Navigation badge work, so pointing out where we are on a map, finding certain features on a map and what do they mean?! And finding out our compass points. 

I shall be looking at lodges and seeing who works together well and will be putting things together for investitures in 3wks (ish) time. 

I would like to start 2 parents helping us this week in a couple of weeks time on the 23rd may I will be asking for a fair few as we will be going on a small wallk using maos. I am putting together a rota for parents to fill in as to when you can help, and generally, get involved. 

Looking forward to meeting you all again on Tuesday, for those that didn't make the open evening last week please feel free to come along on Tuesday and join in :) 

Polar bear Harriet

06 May 2017

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Beavers - Woodland (Tuesday)