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This week (15/05/17)

This coming week I will not be at beavers as I have a meeting at school for my youngest! But never fear.. beavers will still be running with Jon and Lynne. 
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On the plans for this week we have looking at our walk on a map and seeing if we can come up with our own maps to follow when we go on the walk next week. We shall also be playing a game to find out what we need for a walk, would we need different things for a walk in the country or by the beach? What about summer and winter walks? All good things to have a think about and gain skills and knowledge.
Thank you to the parents that have taken up the 4week challenge, look forward to working with you. If any other parents are up for the challenge of 4weeks please let me know and we can sign you up. We are still very happy to have the one off helpers as we understand parents are busy or have others to look after etc (more than happy to have them running around with the beaver's!) I have written up our programme up till summer and you will be able to pop your names in the weeks you can help! :) Parent helpers are very much needed, as it means we can fit more exciting things into our programme and even get out of the hut more! :) 
See you all soon
Polar bear Harriet

15 May 2017

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Beavers - Woodland (Tuesday)