Annual Reports Archive

4th Ashby Scout Group is a registered charity and we are required to publish an Annual Report to our members and file it with the Charity Commission.  We have chosen to make past reports available here as an important part of our history.  Click the picture below to see the latest report.

  • Annual Report 1989-1990
  • Annual Report 1988-1989
  • Annual Report 1987-1988
  • Annual Report 1986-1987
  • Annual Report 1985-1986
  • Annual Report 1984-1985
  • Annual Report 1983-1984
  • Annual Report 1982-1983
  • Annual Report 1981-1982
  • Annual Report 1980-1981
  • Annual Report 1979-1980
  • Annual Report 1978-1979
  • Annual Report 1977-1978
  • Annual Report 1976-1977

Latest Report

You will notice some gaps in our history. Do you have a paper copy tucked away somewhere? Please get in touch if you can help.


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