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By Jonathan Bloor

Tonight the Scouts will be hiking to try to find and log up to 8 Geocaches.  

  • Suggested route:
  • As a GPX file:
  • The Geocaches  for import into an app:


The route is 

  1. Cross the playing field and head towards the pipe wall.  Note the first cache is here.
  2. Follow the path straight on to the A444 - cross with car, head left past the chip shop and past the houses. 
  3. Where the road bends, take the footpath to the left and continue over several fields picking up several caches along the way.
  4. If time is on your side continue to Netherseal and follow the road through the village, collecting another cache as you go.  If not, head along Gorsey Lane.
  5. There is a geocache just off the route.  
  6. Where Gorsey Land meets the road out of the village, take the path over the field and pick up a cache near the lake.  
  7. Where the path forks, head right and you will appear at the crossroads mentioned in 3 above.  Return the way you came, watching out for a clever cache. 
  8. You may wish to cross sooner and head up the road and then along the path behind the houses to the playing fields.


Some groups might like to do steps 3-7 in reverse.



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