How We Compare…

On 31st January each year we complete an annual return to UK Scout Headquarters. Here, for those who may be interested, is a summary:

How we rank (2013 return):

  • 1st in district (Ashby and Coalville)
  • 6th in county (Leicestershire)
  • 14th in region (East Midlands)
  • 298th nationally

How we have changed over time:

How we compare to the national average (2013):

There are 7,242 groups in the UK which give a total of 534,610 members in them (433,850 young people and 100,760 adults and leaders)

Average Members Per Section

Section National Average 4th Ashby
Beavers 16.1 members 14.5 members
Cubs 18.9 members 31.5 members
Scouts 17.5 members 28 members

Nationally there is an average of 5.6 young people per leader. At 4th Ashby we had 8.6.


We will attempt to update this page in April/May when the data becomes available. Thanks to Marcus Humphrey, Chris Elmer, Ian Mallett and Simon Parr, all contributors on www.escouts.org.uk for their contributions to this data.