The BP Shell Scout Centre

Most of our sections are based at The BP Shell Scout Centre on Wilfred Gardens. It is owned and managed by Ashby (Hastings) Scout Group and is not that easy to find!

The Postcode, for a Sat nav, is LE65 2GX

Heading away from the town centre towards Measham and the A42, turn right on the mini roundabout after Rawden Terrace on the left and before the petrol station on your right.

Pass the Ivanhoe Social Club and Firestation on your left.

Where the road forks, take the right turn

There are three bungalows and then our driveway on the left-hand side. Drive down by a car, the road is narrow and there are often children playing outside, but there is plenty of car parking. Please refrain from turning in the driveway to the right (behind the car in the picture above).

We are working to improve the signage and to encourage shared lifts, cycling and pedestrian traffic.

Get in touch if you are still not sure where to go.

Other meeting places