Presented to the member of the group who has, in the opinion of the leaders, been pleasant in their Scouting and gone further than could be expected to help others, to raise funds or to champion a cause they are passionate about.

Awarded in memory of our friend, Harry, who passed away in November 2009. When he left us, Harry, aged 14 was awaiting presentation of his Chief Scout’s Gold Award. Despite considerable personal difficulties, Harry raised thousands of pounds and campaigned for and promoted several charitable causes to help others and was always cheerful himself.

Scouts collaborated with teachers at the Ivanhoe College to design and make the trophy. Where possible Harry’s Mum, Sharan, Dad, Pete and sister, Holly present the award.

2018 – Debbie Crumley, Group Treasurer

This year, there is one person who has done so much for the group – from writing policies, to chasing subs, claiming grants and enabling all of the meetings, camps and activities to take place. She also looks after two busy children, husband and now a dog. On top of that, she has started a career again and dealt with quite a few personal challenges and still be incredibly efficient at turning information round and making sure the right people are paid quickly. The Harry Watson Award is presented to Debbie Crumley, our Group Treasurer.

2017 – Matthew Denman, Scout

Matt Denman was chosen by the Scout Leaders for the work he has done on a Thursday, the preparation he does at home and the things he does for his sister.

2016 – Jack Roe, Scout

Jack always goes above and beyond in his contributions to Scouts. He was a fundamental member of the Jersey Fundraising team and was always there early with a smile throughout the day to cheer everyone up.

2015 – Tom Gibbs, Young Leader

Tom made an amazing young leader- stepping up to the role after joining us from another group during his Scout career.

2014 – Abigail and Jacob Atherton, Cub and Beaver

Having a parent who is ill and in hospital for a very long time can be very hard, but to be a child who has a parent ill and in hospital for a long time must be even harder. Abigail and Jacob’s dad went into the hospital for a back operation at the beginning of the year and was hospitalized for a long while due to developing a very nasty infection in his back, this completely turned family life upside down. Abigail and Jacob had to become very independent with dad in the hospital and their mum having to work. They are an inspiration to so many young people, with their Dad now home but still unwell their constant dedication and determination in all that they do despite what they have had to deal with is remarkable.

2012 – Evan Mindham, Scout

2011 – Owen Wilcox, Scout

2010 – Owen Wilcox, Cub