Ashby (Hastings) Scout Group

We offer Scouting to all in the Ashby area, aged between 6 & 14 and share our waiting list with 4th Ashby – you don’t have to decide which night or group suits you best when you add your child’s name to the list if you don’t yet know! However, once your child has joined a Scout group, they move up to the next age group section automatically.

Beavers are for those aged 6-8, and Cubs for 8-10½ year olds. Our Beaver colony and Cub pack meet on Mondays. Scouts are aged 10½-14 and our troop meets on a Wednesday. There are other opportunities for trips and camps during weekends.

Ashby Hastings Scout Group members take part in a wide range of activities


Being a member of a Scout group offers young people a fantastic opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities, not only the traditional camping & backwoods cooking to the adventurous climbing, caving & kayaking with all the skills that these include, but more thought-provoking and community orientated projects too. We hope that by the time your child has moved on (to Explorer Scouts!) they will have learned a great deal & formed some enduring friendships as well as having a lot of fun along the way.

Adults too!

It’s not just for the young people – adults in Scouting are all volunteers. We welcome anyone who has an interest in helping out and there is a wider range of opportunities to get involved than maybe you realise. While the core roles are fulfilled by the section leaders who run the weekly meetings (and you don’t necessarily need to commit to every week), it takes a team including committee members and others to run a successful Scout group.

A little history

Ashby Hastings Scout Group is the renaming of 1st Ashby in 1969, following the amalgamation of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ashby Scout Groups. Initially formed in 1908, 1st Ashby has been running continuously since 1953. We continue to meet on the site on Wilfred Gardens bought in 1962. The current Group Scout Leader is Jacqui Bell.

50th anniversary Ashby Hastings Scout Group
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