Christmas Post 2019 Success

Our army of volunteers and fantastic local businesses helped us to raise over £900 for 4th Ashby Scout Group.

Local businesses, The Card Cottage in Market Street, Ashby, Daybreak Stores in Packington, the Tourist Information Centre and Abbey Stores all sold stamps and collected cards for local delivery. The Co-op on Derby Road kindly let us have a stall selling stamps and collecting cards at the weekend too. Promotion of this event was made possible by our friends at Ashby Life.

Families of the beavers, cubs and scouts all took a few streets and delivered the cards which were swiftly sorted by our Scout Leaders.

In all, over 2,000 cards were delivered in Ashby, Packington, Smisby and Shellbrook.

Group Scout Leader, Jon Bloor, said “I hope that the beavers, cubs and scouts were able to share some Christmas cheer and also help people to save money. With their support, we’ll be back next year, as we have been doing this every Christmas since 1982”.

Christmas Post is OPEN

Happy first of December!

Our Christmas Post, delivered by beavers, cubs and scouts near you is up and running for 2019. We will deliver your cards in Ashby, Packington and Smisby for just 30p per card. You can buy stamps and drop cards off at Daybreak Services, Ashby Tourist Information Centre, Card Cottage or Abbey Stores. On Saturday 7th and 14th you can also visit us outside the Co-op on Derby Road – cards delivered by 2pm will be sorted and delivered promptly.

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Annual Census Shows Membership Up By A Third

At the end of each January Scout Group across the UK are required to take a census of members to submit to Headquarters.

This year 4th Ashby has grown by a third, largely due to the two new beaver colonies. Group Scout Leader, Jonathan Bloor was keen to thank the Regional Services Team of the Scout Association for their support in addressing the shortage of places in the town. “Working with our friends at Ashby (Hastings) and the RST, we’ve cleared over 100 names from our waiting lists,” Jonathan said. “I’m really pleased with the position we find ourselves in, although we have plans to continue to grow during 2018, especially for the 10-14-year-olds. We welcome volunteers, whether they have a Scouting background or not”.

At the time of writing (early Feb) places are available in Beavers (Ages 6-8) and Cubs (8-10 1/2), please register your interest by filling out the join form in the sidebar

Christmas Post Was A Bumper Delivery

Group Scout Leader Jonathan Bloor was delighted to announce that the Scout Post, held throughout December, had been an enormous success.

On behalf of the 175 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who are members of the 4th Ashby Scout Group he announced “Thanks to our customer, the people of Ashby, Packington and Smisby and especially to our partners who act as post-offices we have raised over £1,200 whilst providing a useful service”.

Almost 5,000 cards were sorted into 53 rounds and then delivered by families during the lead up to Chrismas. The Scout Post has been run by 4th Ashby since 1982.

4th Ashby Receive Massive Boost From Co-Op Customers

We were delighted to visit the Co-op to receive a cheque for our share of their Members Charity fund.

During the previous six months, we were one of three local charities to benefit from the sale of disposable carrier bags and the community percentage collected from own brand products sold.

Scout Dan C said “We knew that the Co-op had chosen 4th Ashby as one of their charities and hoped to make a few hundred pounds to update some of our well-worn camping equipment. The amount of this cheque (£3422.62) has really blown our socks off!”